Rashad Evans Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “RASHAD EVANS BEST MR T!”

  1. DNASTY239 says:

    nice vid

  2. preachinshawn says:

    stefanowski1981 Yeah, you would have to be “fag” to take Arianny Celeste on
    a date.

  3. local_celebrity says:

    I’m white and even I can do a better impression than that.

  4. bestkidguy96 says:


  5. faggots faggotso says:


  6. Yalashaska says:

    HAHAHA, now Mr T must be on the UFC 114 watching that fight

  7. AlcoholicSemenStain says:

    @butcherasdf Shougun>rampage>jack manson

  8. golfandlax says:

    rashad’s a goon. hopefully gonna get a title shot and regain the light
    heavyweight title after he kills rampage

  9. ewadishalew says:

    @MrPowerman101 You dumb fuck ofcourse he’s rashad is black. I’m black too
    you cracker ass bitch. If you think Rampage is ignorant, it’s the Klan in
    you. Rampage speaks from the heart and speaks the truth no matter what the
    consequences are. Rashad is an “uncle tom”, won’t stand for anything and
    will sell you out to serve satan (Dana White). Go eat a dick faggot

  10. OB2CE says:

    That kids fake laughs make me wanna fuck him

  11. PrinceOfSaiyans10 says:


  12. khoa pham says:

    @haygoodfly you think so? then you are definitely quite a bit less cooler
    than i realized. RAMPAGE by KO

  13. fittedcapyadig says:

    who the fuck is this geek in the glasses, all these girls are fuckin gay
    straight up……….fuck rashanda…………….

  14. Tracer564 says:

    baby you better get out my face!! haha rashad’s awesome

  15. wolfreytiger vids says:

    how do you get to meet all these mma guys????????

  16. jaayy herold says:

    @ewadishalew lol sorry…

  17. MMAengland says:

    tiki ur a CUNT

  18. Bashar Naji says:

    I’m going to be sooo mad if Rashad loses. I can’t stand the cocky, dumb
    Rampage or can’t stand why fans like Rampage’s stupid ass. I hope Rashad
    knocks him the fuck out.

  19. jaayy herold says:

    @ewadishalew huh? rampage is black too… oh i get it you don’t like Evans
    because he actually has a brain and he’s a black .. and rampage act
    ignorant and thats how you like your black loud and ignorant , just so they
    stay in their place , right? asshole i wish i seen you on the streets..

  20. ewadishalew says:

    Fuck that Bitch ass nigger. Rampage please take his ugly ass head clean off.

  21. Sirblackstallion9891 says:

    Fuck you third rome your a cunt I bet your Caucasian ppl lik u sicken me
    were all human and no different when we all leave this earth we all hav in
    common is death ppl lik u should be think about what u say 1st u sick sick

  22. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @Labodomizer1 wrong we prepared for happiness LOL XD WAR RASHAD!!!!!!!!!!!11

  23. Sasha Stepzz says:

    I dont care wat they say tht looks like a vagina to me and He is mad funny.

  24. BlazeKing416 says:

    @Kenjamin86 he won the fight by the gayest way possible and that why after
    the fight and before the rampage is the man. I lost bare respect after that
    fight man. Rashad need to knock a next nigga gain the respect i had for him

  25. Labodomizer1 says:

    I like Rashad as a fighter but not as a coach he’s got his head up his ass
    cause he thinks he’s better than everyone that being said I think rampage
    is putting him face down ass up on the canvas, I have much respect for
    Rashad but seriously Rashad superfans prepare for a dissappointment ;D