Rashad Evans Biography

Rashad Evans is a mixed martial arts champion who hails from Niagara Falls, New York. He is a very successful athlete and comes from a family of sportspersons. He has been into wrestling from a very early age and he started winning events right from high school. He became the All-State wrestler two times in a row in the Wheatfield High school and from there he went on to join the wrestling program of Community College. In between he even played football and he could play defensive as well as offense and turned out to be quite a performer even in football. But his first love was always wrestling and he decided to join the college wrestling team. He came in close contact with world class trainers who spotted his talent and made him train harder and harder so that he could compete in the international level.

2004 was the beginning of his professional career as Rashad Evans went on to win five out of the five matches that he participated in which brought him into the limelight. He then joined The Ultimate Fighter which was a television serial and became very popular in that format also. His style of wrestling was raw focusing more on brute force than any technique. Thus earned him a name for himself and he wanted to gain more success. In order to become more successful he needed more exposure and this he gained by taking on wrestlers who were better and more experienced than him. He faced tough competition but emerged victorious eventually and clinched the light heavyweight title by defeating the present champion.

Wrestling came naturally to Rashad Evans and he has a very sound technique that has seen him through his professional career. He uses the perfect blend of speed and power to crack the defenses of the opponent. He also spends quite some time in reading the opponents and he has the ability to search and attack even the smallest of weaknesses in the style of his opponents.

Rashad Evans still has a very promising professional wrestling career ahead of him and he also dreams to represent his country in international events but that is still a long way. He has a lot of dedication towards wrestling and he always keeps motivating himself by talking to himself, this helps an athlete concentrate better so that he can focus more on his fighting,

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