UFC 156: Rashad Evans Pre-Fight Interview

Rashad Evans Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 156: Rashad Evans Pre-Fight Interview”

  1. SoberMindedAtheist says:


  2. Vex says:

    Or MAYBE it’s because Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar are two of the best in
    the world, and just because you haven’t heard of Carmouche doesn’t mean
    nobody else has. Nobody gives a shit if she’s a lesbian, she’s the number
    one contender. They are in the Main Event because they are fighting for a

  3. SoberMindedAtheist says:

    so sad to watch how brainwashed people are….fucking idiots…

  4. takisguy7 says:

    the people that said that little nog had no chance and that rashad should
    fight top level fighters have clearly started watching mma a day ago.
    little nog won and thats that

  5. SoberMindedAtheist says:

    don’t speak for other people. I bet even for you it’s not the most exiting
    fight, you just say it coz u worship dana white…

  6. erod54 says:

    rashad looking a little chubby.

  7. dansmart76 says:

    There is absolutely no way in hell Rashad gets another crack at Jones

  8. 121jiggawattz says:

    maybe because they’re fucking TITLE FIGHTS

  9. HawK271080 says:

    fix the video UFC tooo daaaark

  10. Ryan Milla says:

    Rashad is totally out of shape, and does not mix it up as good as he used
    to. He’s also too gun shy. I dont see him getting the title anytime soon.

  11. Showtime By KO says:

    But he underestimated Lil Nog, which is never a good idea.

  12. Cesar Tinoco says:

    Welcome to MMA ! Title fights are always the main event, no matter what. –
    BUT WHAT IF THERE ARE 2 TITLE FIGHTS?! Well the heavier weight class will
    be the main event and the lighter one will be the co-main events. Some
    examples are UFC 136 , 112 and 152. I hope you enjoy MMA. And you can also
    fuck yourself since you’re an insult to atheist people.

  13. tristan ragsdale says:

    he should have won

  14. dusabe jules fabrice says:

    lets go

  15. david garibay says:

    thats better:)

  16. whoookiddd says:

    RIP lil Nog

  17. zurus222 says:

    what are you talking about jones can make lhw or hw both are his real
    weight class.

  18. Nick b says:


  19. pitobrain says:

    I think my IQ dropped just by reading your comment.

  20. MALIRIPPA says:

    @scgamerd Rashad was supposed to put Jones ón his back only Way he Can win

  21. syronix2 says:

    Nah…,Rashad is going use his wrestling against him,and win by decision.

  22. Cesar Tinoco says:

    I know, I was just letting him know.

  23. DwwwD says:

    If he can keep it standing Rashad should win easy. But on the ground… too
    much shit that Nogueira can catch you with

  24. docksta says:

    They dont allow body bags in the ring… Hes only aloud to take in his
    shorts and gumshield… YOU IDIOT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

  25. MrAxeman293 says:

    Rashad is not going to get another shot at bones Jones drop to 185 quit
    being lazy bones is to big and exposing the LH division