UFC 156’s Rashad Evans Would Love to Fight Anderson Silva

Rashad Evans Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to “UFC 156’s Rashad Evans Would Love to Fight Anderson Silva”

  1. bigchapstx99 says:

    Im watching

  2. bigchapstx99 says:

    Id fight rashad evans im 205 beat your ass pussy!!!!!!!! You cant hang with Tuck WWJD ?? Ill tell you one strategy is punch that chin of yours with my right hand after punching you wit my 4 and you go sleep email me @ bigchapstx22@gmail.com

  3. nezerac says:

    Lmao. NO! I don’t think you deserve to fight anderson. He’s lyoto machida on steroids. Beat machida, beat jon jones, and then beat rampage AGAIN when he has 8 months to train and THEN you’ll deserve a shot at silva. Other than that all I heard was “i want an easy championship”. You’re pretty much pulling the same bullshit that Sonnen tried to pull with jones. An easy shot to get a shit load of cash. If you wanted to fight Silva you shouldn’t have lost the title in the first place.

  4. Benjamin Tukzee says:

    I will rather watch Shogun, the Diaz brothers, Cain Velasquez, Dan Henderson etc Fighters who come to fight. Used to be a big fan of Rashad, especially when he knocked out Chuck, his fight against Rampage had so much hype behind it, but very disappointing. Same again against lil nog.

    Anderson Silva will destroy Rashad.

  5. eliyunck says:

    after last night performance…you suck Rashad. Ever since you join that new camp “blackzilla” you have been going down hill…just saying.

  6. malipoha says:

    good joke :D

  7. tristan ragsdale says:

    anderson silva would get destroyed

  8. joc144 says:

    I like this Rashad’s the smallest light heavy weight … and this transition would bold well. #Team Rashad

  9. chris9264g says:

    If he fight Anderson Silva and wins, he automatically would get a shot at Jones again. It’s a pretty smart move by rashad, but he won’t be anderson

  10. LDN LONDON says:

    How can Reshad say that he would like to fight Anderson Silva when he needs to fight hes way back up in the ranks why dont he talk about a rematch with Jon Jones that makes more sense !

  11. Asanee Nandee says:

    I’d love to see that fight, but I don’t see him beating AS.

  12. arschlesser says:

    How does rashad not deserve it! Even if he lost the jones fight he is moving down in weight class not up but sonnen deserves to move up and fight for the belt and edgar moved down and is fighting for the belt so wtf! I dont see to many other people saying they want to fight anderson not gsp not jones but rashad will I think it would be a great fight

  13. themysterykid1 says:

    I respect him but still nah rashad shouldn’t fight him

  14. Big Meech says:

    cut to 185 already Rashad, you’re too small for 205

  15. kingdomdogspeaker says:

    You don’t deserve it!

  16. RapperHolik says:


  17. FightGenome says:

    What’s with the screaming?

  18. nmr20067 says:

    Rashad Evans is not coming down to 185 to challenge Silva for the belt. And I doubt he would have the strength and gas tank at 185, and he knows that and that’s why he has been so ambivalent about it over the last two years.

    I don’t think it will happen at 185. Now a catch weight is possible for a super fight I guess, or Silva just comes up to 205 if he wants.

  19. Dogday Sunday says:

    I would want to see that, rashad has great movement, could be a lot of fun.

  20. ZP420MMA says:


  21. MMAdawgs says:

    Rashad would get destroyed!