Uncertain Fate Of Rashad Evans

Those who are fans of Rashad Evans will remember his glory days like the UFC Light Heavyweight Title that he won at UFC 92, back in 2008.

However, in the present day it might seem that he might be reaching an end of his career. In general, every athlete will have their heyday and then there would be a period of decline from which they might recover and retire glorious or choose to retire when their glory days are over.

If you look at Rashad Evans career, it has led to a quick reach to the top, but he has been knocked off of the top quickly as well. Indeed, he had the potential to reach UFC Hall of Fame and is considered to be one of the best fighters in the 205 lb category who has fought in the Octagon. During his active days in the ring he was known to be a light heavyweight champion.

He was first seen in 2005 in the Ultimate Fighter, second series where he was quickly branded as a Division I wrestler in all of America. He was also the smallest man in the heavyweight series.

At the time when he was making his first appearance, he was being written off against behemoths like Dan Christison and Brad Imes. But Rashad proved the critics wrong and that it showed where he lost out on the size he gained due to the agility he presented. It was later seen that Rashad had a series of wins after that and every win lead to impressive reviews about him from the experts. However, when UFC 73 came about, Rashad was up against Tito Ortiz, who was a champion in the 205 lbs category. This was a test that Rashad could not pass as it seemed that Tito was able to gain advantage over him. Rashad needs to make a surprise move to make it back to the limelight today.

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